Finding A Translator For My Trip To Germany

I am a partner in a law firm and there are occasions when I have had to head out of the country for business. While I am fluent in several languages, including English, Spanish and French, I am not familiar with German at all. This may pose a problem since I am scheduled to meet with some business clients next week in Frankfurt.

I know that there will be a translator available to translate German to English during the meeting itself, but I am worried about all of the other areas in which I might need some help with the language. For instance, how will I deal with any problems I have when I am on my flight? Also, will I have trouble once I reach the airport in Germany?

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I am not intimidated by much, but this concerns me to no end. I do not want to make an error and say something that is deemed offensive or rude. This is why I am trying to find a translator. Not only will this help with my interactions with others, but it can be useful when it comes to things like reading signs and figuring out where I am going when I have leisure time.

There is translation software available and this can be used, yet I also feel like having an actual person assist me would be useful. They are many phrases that are lost in translation and I do not want to say something wrong because a computer led me astray. I believe a combination of both will be all I need to help me at any angle.

My only issue at this point is trying to find the right software and the right person. I know that the former needs to be really comprehensive. Basic German may seem like enough, but if I want the true experience of the country, I will need to have access to something better. As far as a translator goes, I need to locate someone who is personable and easy to work with. Since I will be in close contact with them for many parts of the trip, I would prefer that it was someone I could mesh well with. Choosing someone who is not that great with people would be a mistake and there is a chance that it will change the entire tone of my trip.