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North America is a highly successful land and a great place to expand your business operations to. The third largest continent in the world is highly favourable for business, and many entrepreneurs from the UK deliver goods to this continent. North America is just across the Pond, that is, the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises of Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and several other countries.

The continent has the Arctic Ocean to the North, the Atlantic to the East, and the Pacific to the West. It has the continent of South America in the South, with the Caribbean in the South East.

Most business owners look for air freight to the USA. The country has some very stringent laws in place regarding air freight and other such shipping modes, and the best way to ease the process is to know what you’re doing.

We Can Help You

At Sea Wing, we say that we specialise in Africa, but we might as well say that we specialise in USA as well, since we ship a lot of cargo to the United States on a weekly basis. Many UK businesses regularly export and import goods from our neighbours across the Atlantic.

Because we have handled so many freights to this country, we’re an old hand in dealing with US customs and getting together the right documentation. We also have offices located in various destinations in North America, and have agents who are familiar with the different country and state laws and policies regarding air freight.

From the Start to the End

We offer door-to-door services. We’re there with you from the planning stage, where you set the budget and pick the carrier; to the delivery, where your cargo reaches the doorstep of its intended recipient. We have a dedicated team of ground and air experts that would ensure that your cargo reaches the destination on time and without any damage.

Our ground experts handle the logistics of transporting your cargo from your property to the air freight carrier, then from the carrier’s property to its destination in North America. Our air experts will source several quotes from different carriers and help you find one that offers the services you need for the right price. We forward your cargo to:

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