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Asia is a very important destination for international businesses. There are several important countries with massive customer bases. A primary example of this is Taiwan.

Asia is the largest continent in the world and has long shorelines with the Pacific Ocean in the East, Indian Ocean in the South, and the Arctic Ocean in the North. Naturally, the countries here have enjoyed flourishing trade for centuries. In fact, one of the most ancient and successful trade routes, the Silk Route, is located on this continent.

The continent is full of cultural and political diversity, which makes trade very bewildering to novices. It’s not really surprising that new businesses in the air freight industry are intimidated by Asia.

Take Advantage of This Growing Market

Like freight service providers, business owners are also somewhat intimidated by the Asian markets. This is mostly because they don’t know about the rules and regulations governing transport. They don’t know the procedure of going through customs and gathering the right documentations.

Sea Wing can help you with that. We are very familiar with all the major destinations here. We know the air freight requirements of the different countries in Asia and can guide you through the process. Our experts will explain the procedure to you carefully. With their help, Asia wouldn’t seem intimidating at all.

Asia Demystified

When you call us for air freight shipping to Asia, we will take careful note of all your requirements. We will then put together a list of all the carriers that can reliably send your cargo to Asian destinations on time, and get quotes from various carriers that fit into your budget.

Our experts will guide you through the customs and documentation process, and our local agents in all major destinations in Asia will ensure that your cargo reaches the intended place safely and on time. We have a local presence in all major freight destinations, which helps us stay on top of any changes in rules and regulations in the destination countries.

We Can Forward Your Cargo to All Major Destinations in Asia

Sea Wing has carried out full-fledged freight services to major destinations in Asia for several years now. We’re very familiar with the rules and regulations of various places, and can get your cargo to:

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